The SynthiPIser was an experiment in generative music making.

I have an interest in mathematics and had read about the sympathetic nature of PI with the proposed constant of Tau or 2 * PI. I was intrigued to see if that sympathetic nature of the relationship could be expressed in music. Pi and by extension Tau are irrational numbers. After their decimal points they contain an infinite number of seemingly patternless digits. They are true representations of randomness and the further that mathematicians push into finding more and more places of Pi the more that the unknowable nature of their make-up becomes apparent. In the creation of this piece I wanted to show the nature of the random nature of that progression.

This is my interpretation of Pi and Tau to ten thousand places. Zeroes are expressed as rests and each time it plays the result is different, the note order is the same but the duration and attack of each note changes which causes great changes with each play. It was created in Pure Data and Garageband.

If you wish to perform your own version of this particular piece you can download the score here.